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Heissner & Struck provides consultation and representation for businesses, executives and managing directors as well as for employees and works and staff councils and disability representatives in and out of court in all areas of individual and collective employment law as well as related legal areas, including the special aspect of public service as well as various problems associated with church employment law.

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Individual Employment Law
Out of court, we assist our clients with the preparation of employment contracts, terminations, works council hearings, applications for approval from the integration office or other government authorities for intended terminations, mass layoff announcements, cancellation and settlement agreements, temporary employment contracts, warnings, reference letters, etc. We also provide advice on the implementation of restructuring and staff adjustment measures including transfers of undertakings. In addition, we provide counsel and representation for our clients in court in the event of workplace conflicts as well as for employment protection law disputes, and we also participate in out of court and in court mediation processes as party representatives.
Collective Employment Law
In collective employment law, we practice in industrial constitution law, particularly in the area of general co-determination. We also provide counsel and representation for our clients in negotiations and conclusions of union agreements and support them in negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans. In addition, we work with arbitration committees and represent our clients in labour court decisions.

Our practice also includes the personnel representation law in the area of general co-determination and the representation of our clients in administrative court decisions as well as collective bargaining agreement law.

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Dr. Dieter Struck

Church-related employment law

For a church-funded company operating as a service provider for the health industry, we provide continuous advice on all employment law issues. Besides the drafting of employment contracts and advice on terminations, this also includes the review of breaches of duty and the preparation of official instructions during existing employment relationships, particularly in consideration of AVR regulations.