IT Law

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In the area of information technology, we represent manufacturers of software and hardware, service providers and e-business companies as well as businesses that want to introduce new IT systems or have questions about IT compliance.

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IT Projects

The negotiation and implementation of complex IT projects is an enormous challenge for many companies. We prepare IT project contracts, maintenance and support contracts, contracts for outsourcing IT services as well as IT licensing and distribution contracts. In addition, we represent our clients in all relevant contract negotiations, provide legal project support and represent our clients in disputes about projects that have run into difficulties.

IT Security and Data Protection

Data security is becoming an increasingly complex issue, both from a technical and a legal standpoint. We provide advice and representation for companies on data protection laws, prepare and negotiate the required contracts, particularly in the area of commissioned data processing, data transmission to foreign countries, IT security issues and disputes with the relevant supervisory authorities/national data protection officials.

e-Business, Internet Platforms

We assist our clients from a variety of industries with the preparation of their online offers and other websites. Here we provide advice on legally valid website design, special aspects of e-business with regard to requirements for concluding and implementing a contract as well as regarding requirements for competition, general business terms and conditions, data protection and other media-specific legal requirements.

Arbitration proceedings concerning a complex IT project

Support for a large company in contract negotiations on a complex IT project. Subsequently, representation of the company in out of court negotiations after problems occurred with contract implementation. Finally, representation of the company in subsequent arbitration proceedings.