Media and Entertainment

Protecting creative ideas

In the media and entertainment industry, a range of legal practice areas overlap on a regular basis. We represent users and creative minds, such as photographers, authors, designers and musicians as well as agencies. Our focus here is on copyright and trademark laws as well as directly related legal areas, in particular the general contract law and IT law with problems relating to the design of websites, Internet platforms and other online and offline appearances.

Our service offer

Contract Drafting

We assist you in preparing your contractual agreements, such as on the use of copyrighted works.

Creation and Defense of IP Rights

We help you to establish IP protection, such as through trademark registration, and defend your rights against third parties, opposition proceedings with authorities or your copyrights, trademarks and other rights in civil courts.


We review your website and ensure that you are not at target for cease and desist letters from competitors.

Areas of conflict in the media and advertisement industry

We defend clients continously, sometimes for years, against the utilization of their protected services in all media. For instance, we have defended a client from the education sector against the unauthorized use of signifcant parts of his online material. In addition, we continuously pursue the out of court and in court enforcement of the rights of photographers, designers, artists and creative minds against companies that use their work achievements results without a license.