Copyright Law

Commitment for authors and creators

In the area of copyright law, we represent manufacturers of design products as well as photographers and artists. Out of court, we counsel our clients on drawing up contracts, such as licensing agreements, producer contracts or distribution agreements. We represent our clients in court regarding the unauthorized use of copyrighted works by third parties.

Our service offer

Copyright Contract Law

We draft licensing agreements and other contracts for the use of copyrighted works. In the area of music, these include artists‘ licensing agreements, band contracts, management contracts, producer contracts and distribution agreements.

Violations of Copyrights

For our clients, we follow up on the distribution of unauthorized copies of copyrighted works – such as design objects – out of court and in court. We also represent our clients in court in disputes about the extent of utilization of copyrighted works – such as the use of photos.

Areas of conflict in the media and advertisement industry

We defend clients continously, sometimes for years, against the utilization of their protected services in all media. For instance, we have defended a client from the education sector against the unauthorized use of signifcant parts of his online material. In addition, we continuously pursue the out of court and in court enforcement of the rights of photographers, designers, artists and creative minds against companies that use their work achievements results without a license.