Satying on top of complicated and growing legislation

Manufacturers and distributors in the food industry have to comply with an ever increasing number of German and European legal requirements. Compliance with specifications for production and food safety represent a serious practical and legal challenge for companies, as does the sufficient labeling of products for sale to end customers. Often, advertising statements include health-related information. This requires compliance with comprehensive additional legal requirements, all the way down tot he drug law.

Our service offer

Food Production

With regard to the production of food, we advise our clients on compliance with relevant legal requirements. In the event that problems occur with food control authorities, we defend our client and their accountable managing directors and executives and negotiate such allegations with the releant authorities.

Food Labeling

The labeling of food products and compliance with all information required for selling such products is a constant source of legal problems, both online and offline.
We assist our clients in finding their way through the maze of national and European directives and being able to offer their products on the market without risking cease and desist letters.

Food Distribution

Companies in the food industry are regularly involved in distribution networks. We advise our clients on the preparation of purchase and delivery contracts as well as all other contractual agreements with their distribution partners, such as sales representatives and commission agents. The analysis of international references and contractual agreements are part of our everyday business.

Advertising and Competition

We provide advice both out of court and in court disputes if you find that a competitor uses unlawful advertising or if competitors hold you liable for alleged violations of the law. In addition, we protect your advertisements from attacks by third parties.

Liability risks in advertisement

For a food producer, review of various advertising materials and campaigns, with particular consideration given to health-specific information and the specifications of the health claim directive. In addition, legal protection of product labeling and mandatory information to prevent cease and desist letters by competitors or competitor associations and disputes with food control authorities.