We work for health

We advise various companies in the health industry. We provide comprehensive employment law support to service providers that have operations all over the country in the care sector. We assist manufacturers of medicinal products and classic pharmaceuticals companies as well as their suppliers, for instance with production technology issues and the complete range of the equipment and establishment of care facilities.

Our service offer

Contract Drafting

We assist you in all aspects of contract drafting. Negotiations with suppliers and customers and the configuration of employment contracts and in-house regulations are as much a part of our every day business as the preparation of general business terms and conditions.

Defense against Third-Party Claims

Do you have unpaid receivables or problems because a contract partner does not follow contractual arrangements or makes unfounded claims against you? Our specialist attorneys support you in all practice areas in out of court negotiations and in the event of court disputes.

Product Labeling

Do you sell health care products? We help you avoid the legal pitfalls that can occur in marketing your products, such as with regard to sufficient labeling and the always highly problematic advertising statements in the healthcare industry. We provide you with our support both out of court and in court

Church-related employment law

For a church-funded company operating as a service provider for the health industry, we provide continuous advice on all employment law issues. Besides the drafting of employment contracts and advice on terminations, this also includes the review of breaches of duty and the preparation of official instructions during existing employment relationships, particularly in consideration of AVR regulations.