Commercial and Corporate Law

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Commercial and corporate law is the basis for nearly all entrepreneurial actions. Business people, partnerships and corporations must comply with extensive legal requirements with regard to their own organization and their business transactions in dealing with their contract partners. In the area of corporate law, we provide in-depth counsel to companies, supervisory boards and managing directors as well as on all legal aspects of commercial law. This includes franchising and distribution agreements and the revision and preparation of general business conditions, contracts with sales representatives or problems pertaining to international sales laws.

Our service offer

Contract Drafting in Corporate Law
We provide advice on the foundation of corporations by taking tax law aspects into consideration and we draft “customized” contracts that include the individual interests of the various shareholders. We also represent you in shareholder disputes. We work closely with our clients to prepare shareholder and general meetings and help you draft shareholder resolutions. In addition, we provide reorganization and restructuring support. The interface with tax law as well as employment law is an important factor here that we take into account, if required, by involving specialist attorneys from various practice areas to ensure an interdisciplinary approach.
Sales of Companies and Succession
We provide advice and planning for company transfers, generation changes in medium-sized companies and anticipated inheritance with all interfaces with tax law and inheritance law.
Contract Drafting in Commercial Law
Commercial law comprises a wide range of important contractual issues. Besides the contract drafting for sales representatives, agencies and franchising, general business conditions and development and distribution contracts are of great significance here. Contract drafting often involves requirements from other practice areas, such as trademarkt aspects, the protection of know-how or employment law issues may come into play. Our specialist attorneys work together by taking an interdisciplinary approach in order to find a customized solution.

Conceptual design of legally approved distribution structures

Support of a joint venture project for the distribution of consumer goods. Initially, advice on establishing the company and on the conclusion of a customized partnership agreement. At the same time, development of contractual regulations for distribution that balance the interests of the newly founded corporation and the interests of shareholders, some of whom competed with one another.