Design and Communication

Quick and well-founded advice

Advice to design and communication companies is one of our core competences. With several attorneys specializing in industrial property law, we are able to answer all relevant questions asked by companies from the design and communication industry quickly and with a great deal of legal experience. Working efficiently and reliably even on extremely urgent cases is just as important to us as the strong specialization of our attorneys in the relevabt practice areas that are involved on a regular basis.

Our service offer

Protection of Design Achievements

We advise you on the protection and potential patenting of your work achievements, such as product design, contents, graphics, texts and other design or textual achievements. This includes documenting authorship and applying for national or European property rights and extending them to include other non-European countries. We work with you to define strategies for the configuration of required protective action and safeguard your products with regard to already existing designs and contents of your competitors.

Preparation of Exploitation Agreements and Direct Sales

We assist you in the exploitation of your work achievements. The preparation and negotiation of licensing agreements is as much a part of our everyday business as the configuration of contracts with your distribution partners and the protection of your own distribution measures, whether it is through online distribution or other direct advertising campaigns.

Defense of Property Rights and Work Achievements

We have extensive experience in defending your work achievements, regardless of whether they are protected by classic property rights (designs or trademarks), copyrights or competition law. We arrange border confiscation actions on your behalf, pursue competitors offering copied or counterfeit products and consistently stop all actions that lead to third parties illegitimately sharing your success.

Copying of designs for a different product

We continuously defend clients working in product design against unauthorized copies, the distribution of counterfeit goods and the unauthorized use of advertising material, product images, etc. Beginning with applications for border seizure, we prevent the import of illegal products while also filing for injunctions to stop the distribution, confiscation and destruction of illegal goods that nevertheless enter the market, and we also enforce our clients‘ claims for damages.